Rainy Day Activity for Toddlers

Lately the weather has been keeping Israel and I indoors. This afternoon I was adamant to do some more educationally focused play with him. I was thinking about the boardgames that we had and how none of them were suitable for him but then I remembered that we had Twister. I dug it out and decided that I could use the mat as a colour aid. After laying it down I grabbed a bunch of green, yellow, blue and red blocks and objects that I could find from Israel’s toys. Israel doesn’t appear to understand his colours yet, which I wouldn’t really expect from a 17 month old anyway, but it was definintely area that I was keen to focus in on. Currently he is very focused on animals and wants to read every book we have containing animals and make the noises or actions that they do. He has a great elephant, fish and giraffe impression! The Twister mat was a great way to show Israel that there are different colours and they can be identified and sorted into matching groups. I tried to focus on one colour before moving to the next, hoping that the repetition will help. This is certainly going to be an ongoing activity for us to try. After a few minutes all he wanted to do was kick around the blocks, but we will get there!

Twister Colour Sorting for Toddlers