Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer Photo Booth

My delightful twin niece and nephew turned 3 last week. My sister is in birthday season preparing parties for all 5 of her children over the next few months. The party for the twins was themed to Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer and my sister did a fabulous job dressing up the party and making cakes. She also saw an idea onĀ Pinterest to do a photo booth/face in a hole cutout. I took up the challenge to create a free standing booth featuring Mickey Mouse and Dora. My husband sourced a spare thin sheet of MDF board which I attached to a base. I simply drew the images in pencil, filled in with paint and used a black permanent marker to outline the images. It took time to layer up the paint but it was an easy process and I was pretty happy with the outcome. What a great photobooth for the kids… and the big kids too.

Face-in-Hole Photo Booth featuring Mickey Mouse and Dora the ExplorerFace-in-Hole Photo Booth featuring Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer


Colourful Treats

Party time! Today we went to two birthday parties and I had offered to bring a plate of food to both of them.The first one had a rainbow theme, however most rainbow themed food seemed overly sweet or unhealthy, which I knew the party would already have plenty of. I opted to go for the simple but effective rainbow fruit kebab, using mandarin pieces, kiwifruit, pineapple and grapes. For a bit more colour I added some pink marshmallows too. The plate emptied very quickly!

For the next party I made mini shortbread cases or tarts for the lemon curd that I had made yesterday. The cases were straight forward to make, using an electric hand beater to mix. Drop the lemon curd in the empty cooked cases and you are done! I will definitely be doing both of those again after returning home with empty plates!