Peanut Butter Cookies

It has been an ordinary day at home, although I have just realised that I haven’t sat down apart from when feeding Israel. Needless to say it has been a productive day. As a treat I thought I would try Annabel Langbein’s new Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. Surely when you combine peanuts and chocolate you get something magical. Regardless I exhibited real self control by not eating the cookie dough. I halved the recipe and decided to go for larger softer cookies rather than crunchy. It still made quite a few so I am sending some off with Michael to work.

Peanut Butter Cookies


Full of goodness

Cookie time! Whether the content of these are actually healthy or just tasty, these Cranberry, Chocolate and Pumpkin Seed Cookies are full of my idea of goodness. My Mum makes these cookies and can squeeze sixty odd cookies out of the batch, creating a flat crunchy style biscuit. I wanted to give these a go creating a thicker and soft style cookie which yielded thirty odd. The Cranberry, Chocolate and Pumpkin Seed Cookie Recipe was actually published back in 2006 in the New Zealand Women’s Weekly Magazine. You can’t help but feel healthy eating them because of the seeds, nuts and fruit in them, even if they do contain butter and sugar. Perfect with your morning or afternoon coffee!


182 Cookies

I have had the oven going nearly all day today and was taunted by the divine smell of freshly baked cookies all day long. I am involved in The Great Cookie Giveaway for all the teachers and staff at primary schools in east Auckland, to say thanks for the hard work they do for the children and community. I pledged to bake 100 cookies and then just cook the rest from the frozen Mrs Higgins cookie dough that had been donated. I made Afghans, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Shortbread and then the Mrs Higgins Raspberry and White Chocolate. The Shortbread and Afghan recipes were from NZ’s great favourite, Edmonds Cookbook! Tomorrow we are assembling them all into gift packs and then delivering them to the schools the day after. It is a lot of work when you can only fit a small amount of cookies on one tray.