Somersaults in my stomach

My stomach can finally stop twisting into knots! Michael won his kickboxing fight tonight after three rounds of modified Muay Thai Kickboxing. Despite his track record of winning his other six fights, my stomach still does somersaults as the fight approaches. Then adrenaline kicks in during the fight as I scream my head off cheering for him. He averages about two fights a year, which makes it more of a hobby, but he really enjoys it. Provided he keeps winning, my stomach may slowly ease.



Hunter Gatherer

My husband Michael was so excited to go on a hunting trip with his three brothers and his father on the weekend. Mud, quad bikes and guns… what could be more adventurous? In one day they managed to shoot 7 deer between all of them, Michael claiming 2 of them. This is Michael’s biggest antler trophy so far, so it came home with him. According to Michael’s Dad it is actually fairly large for a Fallow Deer here in New Zealand. Now we have two antlers and one day they will find their way into our house, garage or Michaels dream “man cave”. I continue to dream big about the house we will one day own, and there is even a place for these antlers there.