Pining for Christmas

Christmas is coming and I am very excited. I made an agreement with my husband that I wouldn’t put up our Christmas tree until the 1st of December. Now I am using all my self control not to try and jump the gun, but somehow the Christmas Tree has already made its way out of storage and hiding behind the dining table in our living room. As I resist putting up the tree I thought I could slowly start to put some other decorative items around the house. I saw a cute little candle arrangement on Pinterest which I decided to replicate. The resourceful side of me was excited that I didn’t need to buy anything to create this. I used recycled jars, course sea salt, deconstructed red holly christmas decorations that came with my tree, foliage from a tree outside and some spare tealight candles. These are a cute candle arrangement for your dining table, coffee table, mantelpiece or shelf.

Christmas Candle Decoration


Country Living

I enjoy living in Auckland city, but I also enjoy visiting the countryside. It has been such a relaxing treat to visit my parents in Hawkes Bay and enjoy my Mums cooking and pampering. Despite the cold evenings, it has been very sunny and we have been enjoying our lunches outside. Even though Israel has a cold and is in a different place, he has been wonderful by sleeping just as well as he would at home. Today we managed to successfully surprise my Grandy and Grandma by getting my parents to invite them for lunch without telling them we were here. It was cute to see their surprised faces!


Hotel to Home

I pulled out my little collection of soap, shampoo and conditioners today. I used to travel every month for work and so I had formed a little collection. I gave up after a little while though as they were just sitting there mostly unused. My husband calls it stealing although my view is that it is complimentary and part of my hotel stay. Today it was time to do something about the collection and I came across several things in the process.

1. Old coffee jars make great storage and decorative jars, such as for soap. I doubt we will ever use the soap but it’s a cute bathroom decoration.
2. Hotel or unused shampoo is a good substitute for handwash. I used all of the clear or cream coloured shampoo and have plenty of orange left for the next refill.
3. Baby Oil is great for removing the sticky residue left on plastic containers such as a handwash pump.
4. Empty hotel shampoo bottles could come in handy. I plan to fill with dish washing liquid for camping trips, or use as a cute message in a bottle craft or a different way of giving money for a birthday gift.
5. According to several websites, conditioner can be used as makeup remover. I will have to try that later.