Flying with a toddler

Looks like I have taken two holidays – one away in the Cook Islands and the other away from my blog. Whoops! The good news is that I am back. Michael had been doing a variety of sales trips to the Pacific Islands during the NZ winter, so Israel and I took the opportunity to join him after he had finished working for a family holiday. We had a great 10 days in Rarotonga and Aitutaki swimming, snorkelling, reading, relaxing, motorbiking and general sightseeing. It may seem obvious but traveling with a young child is completely different to traveling with adults. It didn’t necessarily stop us from doing anything that we wanted to do, but previously simple activities like snorkeling required us to take turns going under the water. Overall Israel was a wonderfully easygoing traveler and enjoyed the holiday. Initially my biggest concern about our family holiday was actually flying with Israel. As Michael was already over there for work, I had to do the 4 hour flight with Israel by himself. I know that comparatively 4 hours is a short flight, but with a child who is very active, it is still a big deal. I probably spent about 70% of the time on my feet walking around the plane with Israel as he greeted other passengers. Quiet activities that he would usually enjoy, such as reading, were no longer of any interest. Even on our short 1 hour flight from Rarotonga to Aitutaki, Israel spent most of the flights at the back of the plane climbing over the empty seats. Thankfully on our way home to Auckland Michael was with me, and Air New Zealand kindly booked us into a row of three seats, blocking out a spare seat for Israel at no additional cost. This was the best thing for him on this flight. He loved sitting in a seat all to himself, rather than on our laps, and we only had to walk around the plane towards the end of the flight. He even got to play with the remote control for his entertainment system rather than disrupting mine like on our first flight. If you are traveling with an energetic toddler under 2 then I would recommend finding a way to get their own seat (either by paying if you can justify it, or by pleading with your airline). I can’t wait until our next holiday.. wherever it may be.Cook Island Holiday


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