Roar, I’m a Dinosaur

We had a dressup day at Playcentre on Monday.  I didn’t really have much in the way of costumes for Israel but I knew I had seen something on Pinterest that I wanted to make – a Dinosaur Tail! The techniques used to make the Dinosaur Tail were straightforward and particularly easy to follow using the Running with Scissors Instructions. In my bag of sewing goodies was already everything I needed to make it. I also had some very thick felt that was a perfect substitute for the spikes and the waistband. The biggest hurdle was actually getting Israel to wear it and sure enough role-play was the answer. You can just imagine me running around wearing the tail yelling “Roar”, right? Well it worked! He was happily wearing it and in true Israel fashion didn’t really want to sit still for a photoshoot. I am sure as Israel gets older there will be years of Dinosaur Tail wearing to come!

Dinosaur Tail


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