Melting Moments

I love trying new things, so when I stumbled across this recipe for Melting Moments I had to give them a whirl.  They are very simple to make, although they are just a little time consuming rolling the dough into little balls. I was in a bit of hurry when it came to assembling them trying to multi-task both Israels dinner and icing the biscuits before we had to head out the door with the biscuits in hand. They definitely could have been iced a little tidier, but as I transported them to a friends house for supper they also got a little knocked around in the process. If you have eaten a Melting Moment before you will understand why they are called that – which is exactly why the soft biscuit isn’t the most ideal for transporting. Never mind, they tasted great and are a lovely treat to have on the odd occassion (as they are certainly not good for the waistline). Check out the recipe below.

Melting Moments

Melting Moments
Biscuit Ingredients
250g Butter
1/3 cup Icing Sugar
1t Vanilla Essence
1 1/2 cups Self Raising Flour
1/2 cup Custard Powder
Passionfruit Filling Ingredients
60g Butter
1/2 cup Icing Sugar
1 1/2 T Passionfruit Pulp
OR: Coffee Filling Ingredients
2t Instant Coffee2t Hot Water
60g Butter
1/2 cup Icing Sugar
Heat ove
n to 180°C. Beat butter and icing sugar til light and creamy. Beat in vanilla essence. Sift flour and custard powder, mixing well to make a soft dough. Roll level tablespoons into about 28 balls, placing on 2 lined baking trays. Flatten slightly with a floured fork. Bake 20 minutes or until lightly golden then cool on a wire rack. Choose either passionfruit or coffee filling, half of each, or your own filling. To make passionfruit filling, beat butter and sugar til light and creamy, then beating in passionfruit pulp. To make coffee filling, dissolve coffee in hot water and leave to cool. Meanwhile beat butter and sugar til light and creamy, then add coffee mixture beating well. Use your filling to sandhich the biscuits together and leave to firm up before serving.

Recipe from Sweet Food by Lynn Lewis


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