Bottle Cap Magnets

Recently a friend kindly bought me a whole bunch of craft supplies after a visit to the USA, where such things are much cheaper than here in NZ. Amongst the bag of goodies were the resources to make Bottle Cap Magnets. To make bottle cap magnets you just need bottle caps, 1 inch round stickers, clear round epoxy stickers and magnets. You literally place your sticker image inside the bottle cap followed by the epoxy sticker and then glue a magnet onto the back. The magnets I used were super strength which are ideal for holding up both the bottle cap and the item you are using under the magnet. These bottle cap magnets were very easy to make using the specific supplies, however they are also easily made from up-cycled materials. You could collect your own bottle caps and either cut out or print your own 1 inch images. Martha Stewart even suggests that you could print your own image and then either laminate it, or seal it over with packing tape to help it last longer. She also uses a clear casting resin in the liquid form rather than stickers, which would give you more flexibility if you wanted to use jar lids instead of bottle caps. There are so many crafty opportunities but these fridge magnets are certainly a great start.

Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnet Supplies:
– Bottle caps
– 1 inch round images (either stickers or print/cut out your own image)
– Clear 1 inch round epoxy stickers (or use a clear casting resin)
– Super strength magnets

Bottle Cap Magnet Instructions:
Place your round image inside the bottle cap, followed by the epoxy sticker (or fill with clear casting resin and leave to set 24hrs). Lastly glue a magnet onto the back, again leaving to set for 24hrs (ideally with something placed on top acting as a weight to bind the cap and magnet).


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