Freckles, the Sock Monkey

This weekend I took the opportunity to learn how to make a sock monkey. I had never previously had the desire to do so but a friend of mine needed to make one and had organised for another friend to teach her. I decided to tag along and make one for a little girl turning three. There are so many sock monkey tutorials online but our friend has made so many herself that she gave us her own directions with tips she had learnt along the way. Sock monkeys are certainly not the fastest things to make. I would recommend making the monkey in stages so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed. First stage would be cutting and sewing. Second stage, stuffing. Third stage would be sewing on the extremities and adding any detailing. I think I need a break before I ever make another one. To make this sock monkey, which I named Freckles, I had bought a multipack of socks which now means I still have four potential sock monkeys just waiting to be made… definitely on a rainy day!



2 thoughts on “Freckles, the Sock Monkey

  1. Oh wow! Your sock monkey looks lovely! I’ve just started making teddies out of socks (but all of mine are Zebras so far as that’s all I’ve tried making!). Your stitching looks so neat and lovely – unlike mine, always wonky! Well done!

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