Pillow Mattress

Whenever we have guests come to stay I feel bad that the pillows they are going to sleep on are rather uncomfortably. I recently upgraded the four pillows to rectify this problem, which left me with four spare pillows without a home. Immediately I remembered I had pinned something on Pinterest, waiting for this very moment. Now the four pillows, along with an unused duvet in my cupboard, have resulted in the creation of a pillow mattress. Courtesy of the Pillow Mattress Instructions found on Pinterest, this was a relatively simple procedure. Unfortunately my four pillows weren’t identical in size, so I had to modify the way I divided the material. Otherwise it was a very easy method to follow. The best thing about the design is that you can remove each of the pillows in order to wash the cover. Hopefully when Israel learns to be a bit more still, he will enjoy reading, sitting, lying and playing on the mattress both indoors and outdoors.



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