Inspiration & Commitment

Recently via Pinterest I came across a quote from Kobi Yamada. The moment I saw it there was an instant light bulb moment in my heart. “She decided to start living the life she’d imagined” was all it said. Recently I had decided that Israel needs a bit more stimulation to meet his active and bubbly personality. He needs more contact with other children and to explore and to get dirty. There is a playcentre near us where children go to play and do activities with other children but also alongside their Mum (or Dad too). As part of the program they encourage parents to do their free accredited courses and to get involved where they can. I have been a bit hesitant about this and committing to the program. Part of me doesn’t want to lose my freedom and being able to choose what we do everyday. In reality it is only two or three days a week, for 3 hours each session. I was being a little silly about it and have registered for our three day trial. When I saw this quote it dawned on me that this “Mum” life is actually what I had dreamed of. These are the sorts of activities I had envisioned myself doing and yet for some reason I had become a little complacent. The lightbulb has gone off and it is time to be a bit more purposeful about the life Israel and I live. Playcentre is just a start, but there is much more that we can do for and with the people around us. The selfish ‘easy’ life needs to end!



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