One and Bursting

Our little Israel is officially a one year old. We got to celebrate on Saturday with both Michaels family as well as mine, down in the lovely Hawkes Bay. Israel was lucky to have two cakes in the last week, and I even let him eat the cake and icing for the very first time as a treat for him on his actual birthday. We are very blessed to have Israel in our lives. He has a gorgeous smile and bubbly personality, but what photos don’t show is that he is bursting at the seams. He appears to have the attitude of “What’s next?” as he vigorously moves from one activity to the next with determination and passion. I am in the process of trying to teach him to be gentle, and not to bite. He understands the word ‘No’ but gives me the cutest little grin when I tell him No, as he knows that he is not supposed to do that thing. With all that energy yesterday he must have hurt himself four times, twice involving a bit of blood from his mouth. I have come to the realisation that unfortunately that is just what comes with the territory of a highly adventurous child. I look forward to seeing what the next year brings and watching him grow into a young man. I love him to bits.



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