Christmas Cookies

In the spirit of Christmas, I made some Spiced Christmas Cookies as a gift to some friends. Dusted with some snow (icing sugar) and packaged in some cellophane gift bags ($2 for 25) with a homemade gift tag turned this simple small gift into something slightly special.
I found a nice simple Spiced Christmas Cookie recipe from Coles, which I was even able to use to make a small gluten free batch by substituting the flour for a gluten free flour mix. I picked the heart shape as I didn’t want to burn the edges like a star shape might, and also used a smaller heart shape and lightly pressed it onto the cookie to create a border. I was pretty happy with the end result and had fun making the chalkboard style tags for the top. There were two different sides, one with a Christmas Bible verse and the other with our own message. I printed it onto one card then folded it over and stapled them together. This is such an easy yet effective way to dress up any biscuits. I love Christmas!



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