Tea Cup Candles

This year much of our immediate family Christmas giving has been consolidated into Secret Santa gifts. As the family continues to expand we have found that it is easiest to have one adult to buy for and then the children separately. This Christmas we have decided to spend the day with Michael’s side of the family who are around a 6-7 hour drive away from us. Now that we are visiting I have decided to do very small home made gifts for the extended family. Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration for this. A couple of Michaels relatives have a slightly old school kind of taste. I have made two of them Tea Cup Candles. They also love visiting second hand stores, possibly with weekly visits, so it almost seemed fitting to include this. I purchased secondhand tea cups and saucers for a few dollars. I then melted down some used and unused white candles to make the wax, adding some cinnamon for scent and colour. What I learnt during the process was how much the wax actually sinks in the middle when it sets. A variety of Candle Making Websites offered some advice of poking sink holes, tightening the wick over a rod and doing a second pour to fill the hole. They aren’t perfect but I am very pleased with them. I know they will love this thoughtful homemade gift.



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