The Month of Christmas

Yesterday I excitedly finished putting up our Christmas decorations. Last year during the post Christmas and New Year sales I had bought a Christmas Tree from The Warehouse for around $30 (I think, or perhaps less) which included decorations. As I put them up this year I felt quite chuffed at the bargain I had got. I didn’t even need to use all of the decorations and chose to use the tinsel and extra baubles for the birdcage. Due to Israel’s mobility I had to put the 180cm tree on top of a chest so that Israel couldn’t get to it easily. Since I have put it up he hasn’t even gone near it, which is helpful. If he starts walking all of a sudden then I will have to draw in the two single couches in either side to block it off. On a side note, I am still trying to teach Israel “No”. It doesn’t feel like I am getting through to him, but I know consistency and patience is the key!
The Scrabble tiles used to write ‘Merry Christmas’ were also a second hand shop bargain. For $4 I actually got two tile sets – a plastic and wooden set. I already own a Scrabble set, so these were purchased purely for decoration or crafts. I set these on a cake stand along with the candles I made in a recent post. Lastly I have reused my plain bunting to hang Christmas Cards on with little wooden pegs… now I just need to receive more cards from people!



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