Stomach Sleeper

It is hard to believe that Israel has been outside my tummy longer than he spent inside! My darling boy is just growing up rapidly! I know it is an expression people always say, to value your time as they grow up so fast, and it is so true. One of his latest developments is that I have discovered that Israel has become a tummy or side sleeper. Even if I go in and put him into his back, he just instantly rolls to his side and then sometimes right over to his stomach. Short of tying him down in some sort of safety sleep item, there is nothing I can do to change it. All the information I read suggests the risk of SIDS is drastically reduced after 6 months, and as Israel rolls freely it should be okay for him. Many generations including me as a baby, slept on their side and stomach, and they turned out fine. I am embracing it and continue to be thankful that he is such a good sleeper. Only a few more months until I finish up breastfeeding and then I can finally have a sleep-in of my own!



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