My wee little lad is growing up and I am sure I caught him flirting with a beautiful lady yesterday! We were waiting in the line at the bank and a beautiful lady with big bleach blonde hair, blue eyes and a bright blue dress came and stood behind us. Israel instantly took a liking to her and starting giving her his cutest smile with his bright blue eyes staring into hers. However it wasn’t just one smile, he kept on doing it the whole time we were there. She was smiling and responding to him, but not in an overly animated way which is what would usually encourage him to continue. I said to her “He usually smiles for everyone… But not like is!!” to which she replied “Maybe it’s my blonde hair?“. Even as he made our way to the teller he kept turning around to look at her. I have never seen my son so smiley yet bashful at the same time. When I told Michael about the incident he wondered if even at such a young age he has the ability to spot a good looking woman! I will keeping my eye on this little man of mine!



One thought on “Flirty

  1. I love it when babies flirt. I always wonder if it’s a sign of what their taste in partners might end up being. You’ll be able to look back on this story and compare her to his senior prom date in a few years to see.

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