The End of a Spectacular September

Today is the last day of September and the last day of birthday celebrations for my wonderful friend Wendy. She celebrated her 30th birthday in a big way by doing something special on each of the 30 days of September. Activities ranged from dinner and coffee dates to movies, theatre shows, rugby games, poker nights and so forth. All of her friends were invited and it was up to you what you joined in on. It has been a fun month and for the final day she relaxed all day at home in her pyjamas. Typically those at liberty to do the same were school teachers on school holidays like Wendy, or a stay at home Mum like myself (which are probably the categories that are also happy to stay in their pj’s all day). A few weeks ago Wendy stumbled upon a recipe for a yummy treat and teased that I should be the one to make it. This day of blobbing out seemed like the perfect fit. The yummy treat was a Caramel Banana Cake Roll and was definitely a hit. The bonus is that it was easy to make but you just need to allow enough time for the cake to cool before progressing with the recipe. For the caramel sauce I used some leftover Salted Caramel Sauce that I had made, which went well with it despite the salt. The only thing to remember is that this has a minus health rating for the body, but a positive rating for the taste buds! I turn 30 myself next March, but I doubt that I will be celebrating it as spectacularly like my dear friend Wendy!



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