Baby Bites

It amazes me how such a little person can eat so much food. Each time I make up a batch of food for Israel, it seems like it disappears in no time at all. To reduce the amount of cooking I do, I end up freezing some of his meals. I do prefer to make his food rather than purchase ready made baby food. One day I guess I will able to simplify everything as he starts to eat the same food that we do.
Israel will soon turn 8 months old and I am finding this stage of life for him quite an in-between stage. He can’t quite do any overly exciting activities by himself, but he certainly wants the company with everything that he is doing. There is only so much you can do at that age, particularly when he still is just happy to eat his toys! I don’t want things to become boring for either of us, and he is now awake for long enough bursts that he needs a variety of things to do at home, or a big activity out somewhere else. Once summer arrives there will be plenty of outdoor activities or adventures that we can go on. Bring on summer!

Pumpkin, Potato, Carrot, Brocolli, Peas (and half the batch with mince)



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