Spring Lemonade

Spring is upon us and the flowers are blooming to prove it. These delightful orchids are just one of the stems that are currently blossoming in my backyard. The weather is changing and the sun is staying out longer which means summer isn’t too far away. There is an excess of lemons at the moment so it was time to get rid of them all in one hit as I already have a bunch frozen into ice cubes. This batch won’t last very long as it is just such a refreshing drink, perfect for both spring and summer weather.

Easy Lemonade


Squeeze all your lemons to obtain as much juice as possible. Whatever amount you obtain, measure out the same amount of sugar. Dissolve the sugar in some boiling water, and then add as much water to achieve the strength you like. For example, I made 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar and a total of 6 cups of water (including the boiling water). Let cool and refrigerate.



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