Smooth Sailing

Today I had a restful day at home. It is one of those days where when asked what you did all day, you can only seem to reply with “Nothing“. I was speaking to someone on the weekend who would describe her life as a Mum as “Gloriously Mundane” but that she loved it and wouldn’t trade it for a career. I had to agree with her. So I guess today rather than “Nothing“, it was gloriously mundane with washing, cooking, breastfeeding, changing nappies, playing with Israel, giving Israel food and card making. I do enjoy life as a Mum though, and there are plenty of days filled with more exciting activities, but sometimes the days at home are just as nice. Unlike when I was working full-time, I never find myself wishing on a Sunday night that Monday just wouldn’t come or that Friday night would come quickly. I did enjoy my marketing job, but I love being a stay at home Mum!
A friend turned 30 today and I made a sailing card as that is one of his hobbies. There are several birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks so it will time for more crafts again very soon!



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