Onesie Cookies

I am quite excited about the baby shower I am attending tomorrow. It has been such a long time since I have gone out for a few hours on my own, so Michael is on Daddy duties to play with Israel and put him down for a nap until I get back. I am sure both Israel and Michael will love it. In preparation for the baby sheer I organised my plate of food today. I wanted to do something that would keep well if I made it in advance, and that was also themed to a baby shower for a boy. That’s when I decided to go for Onesie Cookies. I just used a Shortbread Recipe and used my Gingerbread Man cookie cutter to create the shape, by trimming off the head, hands and legs. I was also conscious not to make standard Royal Icing as pregnant women shouldn’t eat raw egg. I found a version of Royal Icing that doesn’t use eggs, which is kind of just like a standard white icing. I flooded the cookies with blue icing and piped with white. The white icing perhaps should have been thicker so it didn’t spread so much, but they turned out alright!



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