Edible Sea Snails

What comes to mind when I mention edible sea snails? In New Zealand we call some of them Paua, in Australia or the USA they are called Abalone and in the UK they are known as Ormer Shells. They are such interesting looking creatures! One of the many sea treats that we have received from Michael’s family is Paua, although my favourite is Crayfish. Rather than just the traditional frying of Paua or making fritters, I tried a Paua Curry for something a bit different. This recipe for Creamy Paua Curry was submitted online as a family recipe. It tastes like a normal curry but the shellfish makes quite a different texture to bite into. Of course with the curry flavour you can’t taste the Paua as strong as in other cooking methods, but if you eat a lot of Paua then this is definitely a good recipe to add variation.



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