Citrus Snacks

I felt the need to eat a sweet treat today and was drawn to making a Coffee Cake. However I got slightly distracted while trying to find a good recipe that I ended up finding a a lemon flavoured treat instead. It then dawned on me that I had two lemons sitting in the fridge, to slow down their ripening, waiting to be used. I stumbled across this recipe for Lemon Syrup Loaf which had rave reviews from many people who had tried it. The positive response was so overwhelming that I just had to try it. Apart from the centre rising a little high and cracking, it turned out well. It has just the right amount of lemon in it so that the flavour is not too subtle nor powerful. I am quite a fan of the dense yet moist texture of sweet loaves! This will be a great morning and/or afternoon tea treat for tomorrow, and definitely a great lunchbox item for the hubby.



One thought on “Citrus Snacks

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