Kickboxing Crafts

Tonight we were off to a party and in true Amy fashion, I made a personalised card to go with the gift. Michael does kickboxing at a gym called Elite Thai Kickboxing (ETK) and it was his trainer and owner of the gyms 40th birthday. Complete with a massive feast put on by his family and local New Zealand band Adeaze, it was a fun night had by all. Michael really wanted to take Israel along as none of the guys at the gym had met him. We brought him along and he even managed to fall asleep there! It is actually quite amazing how he (and other babies) can sleep through such constant loud noise, but as soon as it was silent then he would stir. I couldn’t help but feel tense until we got home though, once Israel was nicely tucked into his own bed. Next time we will definitely go back to having someone babysit Israel instead, so that we can relax a little, but it was a nice treat for Michael to be able to bring Israel along.



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