He looks just like…

One of the comments I often receive with such conviction when anyone looks at Israel is that “He looks just like Michael“, or “He looks just like you” and recently “I don’t think he looks like either if you“. Obviously as the son of Michael and I, he is bound to have resemblances of either of us, it’s as simple as genetics. However when I look at Israel, all I see is him and how he looks just like himself and his own little person. Both Michael and I find it hard to draw comparisons. Today I was sorting through some photos to get reprinted for Israel’s baby book and I found some photos of Michael and I as babies. I don’t know the age of either of us in the photos but it is interesting to see us all at once and the different head shapes and features we had. Not that I want life to rush on by, but I can’t help but wonder what Israel will look like when he is an adult. I am sure the years will go by faster than I realise.



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