Gotta start somewhere

A little while ago my sister asked if I could embroider a name onto something for her. At my beginner sewing level I thought it would be too difficult to produce something attractive. I had tried one for the bib I made, but the style of the bib didn’t require it to be as precise. I searched online for a tutorial on how to do this and had a few giggles from this embroidery tutorial. I actually learnt a few things from this lady Lo-Ann, despite being humoured by her photo title page, using lined paper for the backing of her customers embroidery and music in a variety of her videos. I think I need to buy one of those hoops to help keep the material tight, but I seemed to manage ok. Despite laughing, I actually tried the paper myself as I didn’t have any of the commercially promoted backing.. for which I don’t even know the name. I managed to sew a single line okay, but struggled with the zigzag. Whilst the second zigzag attempt was better, there is much I have to practise and learn!



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