Recycling is Egg-citing

Today marked the start of a new season… the birthdays of all my sister’s family. Seven of them have birthdays between July and November, so each month will have a new celebration. The party today was for my twin nephew and niece. I took along a plate of food for the adults and had decided to make the Mini Lemon Curd Cupcakes again, as they are so quick, tasty and a good way to use up my Lemon Curd. In order to transport them I had decided to use an egg tray that I had put away for a time such as this. It makes it such an easy way to transport and present these muffins, without any dishes to collect as you leave. It wasn’t until I arrived that I realised the mini muffins actually look like cooked eggs, sunny side up, making the egg tray plate a real pun. I love puns!
Anyway it also got me thinking that using a smaller egg tray would be a good way of baking muffins as a small gift for someone. You could put a bow on it or even make a special label. Last year for a baby shower gift I had wrapped up six separated pairs of socks into a dozen sized egg tray. I had also printed a label onto adhesive sticky paper to stick on top to make them look professional. I had seen something similar in a store once but for a really high price considering they were just socks. I knew I could replicate it for less money, and personalise it to the receiver. Now I had better keep collecting more egg trays!



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