Milestone Day

It has been such a delight to see Israel reach three milestones today. Firstly, we travelled home in the evening and he slept the whole way. We got home at 12.30am, then I transferred him straight into bed and he slept until I got him up at 7am. He has never done the full twelve hours without needing a feed before, but had previously only made it to eleven hours a few times. He does wake up through the night and puts himself back to sleep, so I do still hear that. Regardless it is nice not to have to get up between 4.30am-6am to feed him. It will be interesting to see if he does it again tonight. Secondly, today he rolled from his tummy to his back! That means he can go both ways now. Thirdly, we started Israel on solids today as he has just turned six months old. The photos below tell a story! He was very unsure about what he was eating, which was baby rice cereal. It must have been weird to be denied food for so long and then all of a sudden be allowed it. After a few days we will try banana and then pumpkin. Life as Israel knows it has definitely changed.



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