Games Geek

I love playing board games! Growing up as a family we played a lot of games and I have found many friends who share my love for games. I am not your typical Monopoly fan, although Monopoly Deal is pretty good. I enjoy games like 500, Balderdash, Scrabble and Cranium. These types of games are based on strategy or intellect rather than chance, which I prefer as they are a bit more challenging. Tonight I played Speed Scrabble with my Mum. It’s just a matter of using tiles from the Scrabble board game but without the scrabble board and rules. You begin by picking up four letters and try to make a word or two on the empty table in front of you. Each time you use up your letters you say “pick up” and everyone picks up a letter. Then you add the letter or rearrange your tiles to make new words. If you both get stuck you can pickup, otherwise you keep going until all the tiles are used up. The winner is the person with the highest score from adding up the numbered words as you would in traditional Scrabble, minus any leftover letters. My trick is to make three letter words with consonants at the beginning and end so that those high scoring letters hinging two words can get counted twice.
This particular Scrabble set previously belonged to my Mum and before that my Grandma. I love the original wooden tiles rather than the new plastic ones as they are classy and can be used for other creative purposes such as table place names for a dinner party.



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