Dribbles and Amber

Check out Israel’s cute rosy red cheeks! They are just one of the telltale signs that he is teething. There have been a bunch of symptoms such as a mild fever and generally warm lately, plus the red cheeks, drooling and troubled night sleep. I still can only assume that it is his teeth moving around, but I can’t feel anything trying to pop up yet. I have decided to give the Amber Teething Necklace a try, which is supposed to be a natural remedy to aid with relief and minimise drooling. I asked around many who have used them and it seems most are unsure if they work, but then they haven’t actually had many issues with teething… So perhaps it did. One person said they misplaced the necklace for two days and definitely noticed the difference. Israel’s necklace will arrive tomorrow so we will see how it goes. In the meantime here’s hoping for a better nights sleep tonight!



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