“It’s perfect!!”

Okay, so it’s not perfect, but I learn’t from Julia Childs in the Julie & Julia movie that when you serve something up there are no excuses, as it is always perfect. So I am slowly learning this. My husband sometimes tells me off if I try explain what I don’t like about what I have made. He would agree with Julia. Yesterday I made a Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Decorations , and today pieced it all together. This would be my second time decorating a cake and I am fairly happy with the results. I can’t share my sisters cake recipe but the ganache is just your standard cream and chocolate. I flipped it upside down to ice it, as that side was more level than the top after trimming it flat (not even sure if that’s what people commonly do). I also think it might be helpful if I bought one of those tools to help create a smooth finish for the icing. I could of spent more time trying to smooth it over, but my window of time in my day was running out.
For the decorations I melted chocolate with a tempering method, as last time I didn’t know you had to do this and the chocolate went floppy at room temperature. I had a bit of a disaster trying to temper white chocolate, so I skipped and went to milk chocolate. Although it tempered correctly, I don’t think I got the consistency quite right so there is much to practise! Still, I learnt a lot from the YouTube videos from howtocookthat.net.

I made the cake to say thank you to a lady I had met in February. Israel was born with a lip tie of the upper frenulum and I had a lot of problems breastfeeding. I saw a Lactation Consultant who finally figured out what was going on and helped me so much, even speaking to me after-hours to help with my meltdown when my milk was running out. She was such a huge encouragement and help, and even followed up when she found out we were in a hospital. It has taken me all this time to visit her and say thanks, but better late than never. She was amazed that I had done this for her, which was nice to see her so touched by it. She runs a community lactation consultant service because she genuinely really wants to help women, and she truly has been a blessing to many!



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