Jewellery Makeover

I was sorting through some of my jewellery and realised that I had too many single earrings after somehow misplacing the matching ones. I also have a bunch of unworn or outdated jewellery that was just stockpiling – so perhaps I hoard more than I realise (I don’t even now where some of these things came from). I managed to salvage a few pieces and here’s how it went:
– Single gold leaf earring now a decoration for a handbag
– Tarnished hoop earring now a decoration for previous upcycled tin
– Girly pink flower earrings now a decoration for glass jar and vase
– Blue crescent necklace now a potential Christmas tree decoration
– Tarnished and outdated chandelier earrings now simple earrings
– What looks to be a cellphone decoration(?) is now a jandal necklace
I have plenty more jewellery pieces to either upcycle or throw away. The only sad thing thing is that it’s harder to wear necklaces and dangling earrings now as Israel loves to pull on them!



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