Keeping sleep

Anyone with babies knows that nap time is precious. Not just for the baby, but for yourself. I stumbled across a clever blog called iheartnaptime which I thought was an apt title – it’s your own personal time to play. I have read several opinions by baby sleep consultants and it seems that babies can go through what they call ‘sleep regressions’ and Israel could potentially be at risk of going through a 5 month sleep regression at the moment. He has still been having three naps, but sometimes wakes after one sleep cycle of 45 minutes, instead of after 90 minutes, If you don’t manage these wakeups and try to resettle them then apparently the lack of sleep can interrupt their night patterns, and if you don’t keep it under control they can form bad habits. So “they” say, Yikes, doesn’t sound like fun to have a baby waking all through the night again like a newborn. My current goal is to maintain his day naps so that a regression doesn’t occur, or stay. Nap time is my time and I enjoy it, but what a treat it is to literally greet this smiling face when I walk in the room after every nap…



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