Justification of Hoarding

My husband claims that I hoard things. I don’t really. Maybe just a little. When we got married and I was sorting out my things to move in together he said “If in doubt, throw it out“. I thought I did a pretty good job of reducing my things, however now we have a storage cupboard where I have started a small collection of things that would be useful for crafts. One of those collections is tin cans, which my darling husband keeps threatening to throw out. I thought I had better start making some use of them and decided to start by decorating three of them. I hunted around for paper, fabric scraps and ribbon/lace/string. You could be so creative with these depending on their purpose, for which there are many. Here’s just a few ideas:
– Store things around the house in them e.g stationery, makeup, jewellery, receipts, keys
– Theme them and use them as centrepieces for parties etc and then fill them with flowers, branches, straws, serviettes, chocolates, cake pops.
– Use them to hold knives, forks and spoons for BBQ’s
– Use them as a form of gift wrapping presents or baking e.g. cookies
– Use them as candle holders
– Hang them for decorations, almost like bunting
…. And the list goes on!



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