Fun with Feijoas

When I was growing up one of my favourite things that I enjoyed eating at my Grandma’s place were her bottled peaches. We would always be excited when we had jars to take home and us kids always wanted to eat them right away rather than savour them. Amoung other preserves she has also done Feijoas, which grow plentifully here in New Zealand. Michael and I were thrilled to receive a few jars not long ago. The first couple we demolished quickly by simply eating on our cereal and in a crumble, but I decided to hold onto the last one. Today I used them up to make Feijoa Walnut Cake. Oh, would you look at that, the recipe has walnuts it it! Yes, I am still wading through all those walnuts. I didn’t quite have 2 cups of Feijoas, so I add some grated apple to top it up. It turned out to be a lovely moist cake. This would also be a good cake to freeze and used later served hot with custard. Mmm custard… that’s exactly how I will enjoy this cake for dessert tomorrow night! Thanks Grandma for the Feijoas!



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