Win some, lose some

I like trying new things! So when I spotted this Lemon Brioche Croissant recipe using lemon curd – I had to try it considering I had heaps of lemon curd. I had mixed results though, but that was my fault. I didn’t have instant yeast, so tried active yeast and I also didn’t have bread flour but used standard flour. My mixture was too wet and had to add quite a bit of flour. When I rolled the dough into crescents, the lemon curd oozed out the sides too easily. I thought they were going to be a total flop but was surprised when they turned out okay. It’s quite a bready taste considering it is being paired with lemon but it can’t have been too bad as my husband asked if he could take some to share at work. I probably won’t attempt them again though, even with the correct ingredients. You win on some recipes and lose on others.



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