Waste not, want not

It’s no surprise that there is a lot of things that you need to acquire for your new baby. Many pregnant mums-to-be are blessed with a baby shower, which comes with a variety of gifts. I was certainly very spoilt with a lot of gifts, however the biggest help was my sister. She has finished her family, after five gorgeous children, and kindly gave us so much stuff. Between that and the baby shower, we only had to be a handful of things. Now the ongoing costs are consumables and clothes as Israel gets bigger and bigger. I have decided that it doesn’t matter if we don’t use the “leading brand” baby wipes or nappies. I have tested pretty much all of the nappies out there, and I have found that the cheap brands are just as effective as the high end. There is often a social pressure to use the fancy brands and have the “best” for your baby. It really doesn’t matter and I have haven’t had any nappy rash issues. It’s not worth paying money to have a wetness indicator, when you can pretty much guarantee that a young baby’s nappy is going to be wet nearly all the time. Wet wipes are also much too big and you don’t even use all the surface of it before it gets too messy. I have started ripping the wipes in half as I go, and find that I only need to use two halves rather than two whole wipes. It is such a tiny monetary saving, but every bit counts when you are changing nappies over 6 times a day. Waste not want not I say!



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