Easy Breezy Barrier

We ran so many errands today, I think Israel spent half the day getting in and out of the car. He is at a very smiley stage where he will smile at absolutely anyone who pays attention to him. The best thing is that it brings a smile to all the adults who engage with him. At the end of the busy day I quickly whipped up a breeze barrier for Israel’s room, just to stop the cool air going under the door from the neighbouring room which is tiled unlike Israel’s carpeted room. As it has been much cooler with winter we have been heating his room. His room isn’t overly cold so it’s just to take the edge off the room. “They” recommend that a baby’s room shouldn’t be warmer than 20/21 degrees celsius so it’s quite good that his room usually sits on 19 degrees and we just lightly put a oil thermostat controlled heater on, particularly for when temperatures drop in the early hours of the morning. Our baby monitor also beeps at us if the room goes higher or lower to the range we choose, which is handy. “They” also say to keep the room well ventilated, which is hard when you are trying to maintain a temperature. Israel’s room doesn’t get too hot so I am pretty happy with his conditions. The breeze barrier was made with scraps of material I had lying around, and a bit of stuffing. Easy breezy!



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