Kiwi Kindness

I visited a friend in her new house yesterday, which is about a half hour drive from my place. That morning when I first used the car, the key was a bit difficult to get into the drivers door, but subsequent uses were fine. Half way through my visit I decided to get Israel’s bassinet out of the car so he could nap and I could help my friend unpack. Unfortunately I just couldn’t open the door as the key wouldn’t go in, and that door is the only way to get in. I wasn’t sure if it had been tampered with or just broken. Anyway, an older fellow was across the street sweeping his driveway when he noticed my troubles. He popped over and tried to help. He then went to his house to find his tool to try break into the car (he used to work in the mechanics industry he said). He couldn’t find it so we went up to his house so he could call the local garage that he knows. They popped around within ten minutes and broke into my car for me. Quite a funny sight. I told Israel to look away because this is not what he would be doing when he was older. Today I decided to post the man a card to say thank you and acknowledge him for going out of his way to help us and our (red) car. There are plenty of good people out there in society.



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