Fishy Friends

One of the joys of living in Auckland is the access to so many great fishing spots that aren’t too far away. My husband hasn’t been out diving or fishing in a while so I haven’t been treated to any Kingfish or Crayfish lately… oh life s tough huh?! However, we ended up being given some lovely Snapper from a mutual friend. Usually I would just fry the fish with a bit of salt, pepper and lemon, but tonight I decided to crumb it.

Just pat the fish dry, season with salt and pepper, coat in flour, dip in beaten egg and then coat in breadcrumbs. Fry in a little butter and you are done. It’s always an art to make sure you don’t overcook the fish. They tend to cook a little further once you take them off the element or pan, so I usually take them off a fraction early. Next time I think I will be more adventurous and try a baked recipe where you wrap it in tinfoil and add seasonings and/or vegetables.



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