Little Miss Muffet

“Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.” That is what springs to mind when I think about Lemon Curd. My Mum has lots of fruit, veges and herbs at her place, so I asked her to bring up some lemons with her on her current visit. She usually makes a yummy lemon curd that I wanted to try cook myself. It’s pretty easy to make, so I have put the recipe below. I doubled the recipe which makes up the three jars you see below. It’s suitable for a variety of uses such as piping inside cupcakes, many desserts, filling pastry cases or even just spreading on toast! I can’t wait til breakfast tomorrow. I am also hoping to make my own pastry cases and take along to a birthday party we are attending tomorrow.

Lemon Curd

2 large lemons (or 6 large limes or 6 passionfruit)
100g butter
1 c castor sugar
3 eggs, lightly whisked

Finely zest the lemons then juice. Add butter, lemon juice, zest & sugar to a heavy based pan. Stir over heat until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat & whisk in eggs a bit at a time. Return to low heat & stir constantly until thickens about 8 mins. DO NOT ALLOW TO BOIL. It is ready when you coat the back of your spoon with the mixture then run your finger down the centre. If it leaves a clean track without merging it is ready. Pour into jars (sterilised in oven at 100 degrees celsius for the duration of the cooking). Make sure you are putting hot mixture into hot jars and put lids on when cooled a little.

Recipe by Pearl Harper.



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