I felt like superwoman today. Not only did I play and get Israel down for his three naps, but I also…. did the vacuuming, cleaned the bathroom, tidied the house after being away, made up the bedroom for my parents who are visiting this weekend, did a load of washing, folded and put away two loads of washing, made muesli, made muffins with pineapple decoration, baked camembert as an entree and made dinner. Not such a big deal for some, but when you have a little one, that is a lot!

I wanted to try these dried pineapple decorations. The hardest part was slicing the pineapple thinly, and then you just slowly bake them for an hour or so at 110 degrees celsius. I don’t think I would do them again. They are too easy to burn and takes too long. The baked Camembert was a yummy treat though. Drizzled with honey, garlic and thyme, then baked for 12 mins! Very tasty and something a little different while you are waiting for dinner.




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