Clucky Chicken Soup

I was given the book “Chicken Soup for the new Mom’s soul” and have finally found some time to start reading it. It has some funny and touching stories about the journey people take to have a baby but also the struggles. I cannot help but feel a deep sadness for those who struggle to conceive a child or carry them to full term. I have some friends in this category and have known of many other stories, and it is just heartbreaking. Having Israel so easily isn’t something to take for granted and I am thankful every day for him. Despite the fact that he has fulfilled my desire to be a Mum, I can’t help but already wonder what the next baby will be like. Although there is a slight fear for things such as the pain during delivery or the tears when your newborn just won’t sleep… I still know that I would happily do it all over again in due course. I am sure the clucky feeling will grow. When you feel your baby moving around inside your belly, you can’t help but feel amazed at how this beautiful life is forming inside you. It is truly a little miracle.



One thought on “Clucky Chicken Soup

  1. Really enjoying your blogs. Yes so sad some ladies can’t have kids and those that can mistreat them. Never take our loved ones for granted and you always forget the pain of your labour and feeding and get clucky for another. But after 5 I will just have to enjoy my nephew 🙂

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