What are you and can I eat you?

Israel is visiting his Nana and Poppa for the second time at their place. Last time we flew, but this time we took the six and a half hour drive to get here. Thankfully we left in the evening after his last feed and Israel slept the whole way. Last time we were here, the family dog Bruce was absolutely infatuated with Israel. He was only five weeks old at the time, so we didn’t let Bruce anywhere near him. Regardless he was so fascinated that he would sit at our feet and stare at him. When he had to go outside, he would sit at the window and stare at him. I was wondering if Bruce knew he was a human, or if he thought he was food. With any other Rottweiler I encounter, I am usually quite fearful, but Bruce is the most disciplined dog that I have ever met. This time we decided to let Bruce learn a little bit more about Israel so that his curiosity was satisfied and it wouldn’t be this taboo thing that he wanted all the more.

Uncle Mark (holding Israel) was chilled out, Israel couldn’t have cared less, I was nervous and Bruce was excited. He loved having a few licks to figure this little boy out! He still tries to follow him around the house until we send him out. I love the fact that Bruce follows commands instantly, which makes me relax… just a little.



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