Maori Sea Creature

One day a Taniwha, went swimming in the moana (sea), he whispered softly in my taringa (ear)…” That’s an old folk song I remember singing when I was in primary school. A Taniwha is a Maori Sea Creature according to Maori Legend, and also happens to be the surname of my pregnant friend! I have bought her a gift for her baby shower (baby sleeping bag – love using them for Israel), but for fun I thought I would try and make something silly to go with it.

Introducing the Taniwha bib! I doubt it will last very long being washed multiple times with my novice sewing and appliqué, but at least it’s a humorous gift. I used my old school machine to zigzag stitch the word Taniwha, so its definitely on the rugged side. I would love to own an embroidery machine and overlocker as I learn more about sewing but they are definitely not in the budget at the moment. The towel fabric is a bit thick but it’s what I had left over from an adults hooded shark towel I made for my brother in law (haha, yes he actually wanted one). The bib will definitely come in use if he dribbles the way Israel does!



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