Venison anyone?

Nearly all the red meat we eat is home kill. We bought half a beast (beef) and Michaels Dad and brothers often go deer hunting, so our freezer is full of venison. We get venison steaks, venison salami and venison mince. It actually saves us a fair bit of money! For simplicity I often just substitute the venison mince into any beef or lamb mince recipe. Venison is supposed to be low in fat and high in iron, so I think it’s great!

Tonight I made Greek-Style Venison Koftas. Sounds a bit random with the venison but it still tastes great. I have made this before with beef, so this time I realised the kebab sticks were unnecessary when serving them for dinner. I also dressed mine with a little Aioli rather then the dressing suggested in the original Greek-Style Lamb Koftas. I am a big fan of couscous as it is so easy to make and yet can be so tasty with so many variations. Once again with Israel this meal is perfect for preparing and cooking separately. I even had time to whip up a dessert – some ramekin sized pineapple puddings to use up the pineapple from the carrot cake recipe. Definitely time for a rest now!



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