The Verdict and Beef Stroganoff

The verdict on yesterday’s Carrot Cake Recipe was yes yes yes. Michael was impressed at everything about it and I was happy with how moist it was. It should most certainly not be consumed by just us two, so we gave some to our neighbours. Besides eating the cake today I also ate too much of the cream cheese icing and chocolate during the making of the cake, so it was time for a healthy dinner.

Tonights inspiration came from the bag of mushrooms I had ready to be used, so I thought I would finally try making Beef Stroganoff. For some reason I have never had an inclination to make it before now but I have been trying to make a point of trying new recipes. I usually pick an ingredient that needs using up, or something on special at the supermarket and then searching for recipes that contain it. I selected this Beef Stroganoff Recipe due to having yoghurt rather than sour cream (as I didn’t have any). Served up with brown rice, broccoli and carrots. Gotta be good for you!


Here was the inside of the Carrot Cake too…



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