Welcome Home Carrot Cake

Subconsciously most of the baking I have done lately contains walnuts. I still have half of the bag left to crack. The other day I realised I needed to use up a tin of sweetened condensed milk before it went off. Many recipes only use a portion of the tin, so I found one that used it all and it happened to call for nuts too.. so hello Walnuts! If you love sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and nuts then you must try this slice. I took it into Michaels work and it was nearly gone before morning tea and someone had requested the Chocolate Oat Slice.

Anyway, I decided to make Carrot Cake for my husband who has been away in China for five days, so I thought I would have a treat waiting for him. I have never made carrot cake before and there were so many options online. I decided to go with a Carrot Cake Recipe that had many good reviews from others who had tried it and surprise surprise it had walnuts in it. It turned out great in terms of baking, but we will see how it tastes tomorrow. I haven’t had any experience decorating cakes so that was fun to pipe cream cheese icing and write with chocolate (you just melt it, pipe onto parchment paper and then freeze for a bit to set). All nice and simple for the novice cake maker!



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